The beauty of silence, is the noise of no words,
Where is the light in your deep dark room?, A shock of light could save you from the shadow.
Why is the dark behind the moon? Out of reach until the light is shattered.

viernes, enero 07, 2011

without shields

She didn't answer him. She was sitting crouched there, staring at the floor.
He went back to her and gathered her up, off the couch and into his arms. Her cheeks were still splotched with pink, and very pale. Her lashes were dark and long as she looked down.
He pressed his lips against her mouth softly, feeling no resistance, almost no awareness, as if it were the mouth of someone unconcious or deep asleep. Then slowly she came back to life. She slipped her hands up around his neck, and kissed him back.

you do not ought to let the misery to coagulate in your soul

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