The beauty of silence, is the noise of no words,
Where is the light in your deep dark room?, A shock of light could save you from the shadow.
Why is the dark behind the moon? Out of reach until the light is shattered.

jueves, mayo 26, 2011

pensamientos a mi misma

Siempre hubo en mí, al menos, dos mujeres.
Una mujer desesperada y perpleja que siente que se está ahogando y otra que salta a la acción, como si fuera un escenariodisimulando sus verdaderas emociones. Porque ellas son la debilidad, la impotencia, la desesperación  y presentan al mundo sólo una sonrisa,  ímpetu, curiosidad, entusiasmo, interés.

Anais Nin.

tLw =P

Women who long, love, lust
Women who give
This is the way It’s the way that we live

This is the way
It’s the way that we live
It’s the way that we live

sábado, mayo 21, 2011

I´m the thing to be afraid of, most of the time. Can you love the truth more than mistery?

lasher - anne rice.

feeling incredibly good

She loved the darkness. She felt safe and at home in it. It made her want to sing. Impossible to explaine to people how good she felt when she roamed alone in the darkness.

lasher - anne rice.

never fallen

like a great beast with a wounded paw, a knight with a broken limb. just movin' ahead.

lasher - anne rice